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Group Bookings


Hen Parties and Baby Showers 

We give you a 3 hour session to paint away and have a giggle. We have 50+ item to choose from ranging from £4.90 to £29.90 so there is something to suite everyone's budget on the day. 

You can bring snacks, order food and bring drinks where we have wine glasses we can supply to you for your session, 

We take a NON REFUNDABLE payment of £00.00 to secure your booking in our exclusive area leaving you with only £4.50 studio fee per person and pottery to pay for on the day. 

We require a minimum of 8 to a maximum 12 people. We can accommodate larger parties, which can be discussed when emailing us.

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Private Partys

Looking for some exclusivity? Choose any night of the week and the studio is yours for 3 hours. We take a minimum of 8 people and can have up to a maximum of 24-26 in the studio. If you not a night owl, we can book you in for a day session. Studio fee is £4.50 per person with price of pottery on top. Pottery prices range from £4.90 to £29.90 in the studio 

Evening Booking: £4.50 per person NON REFUNDABLE deposit to secure the booking                             with only pottery to pay for on the night 

Day Booking: 8-10 people - £50.00 NON REFUNDABLE Room hire charge

                   16+ people - £100 NON REFUNDABLE hire charge for exclusivity of the                        studio during its business hours 

Email us with your chosen date and start time and we will check availability 

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Team building 

Looking for something different to engage your team? Come and book our studio exclusively for 3 hours to paint and have some fun whether it be a day or evening, the choice is yours. 

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